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Strategic Procurement

Our firm was built on the ideology that energy procurement is more than simply finding the lowest price. We engage at an unprecedented level to ensure a clear understanding of our clients’ needs across the entire energy spectrum. With that clarity, we engage with the supplier community to ensure delivery of the optimal product, contract, and at a highly competitive rate. Specializing in procurement strategies from the simplest to the intricately complex, we have the expertise to deliver both value and savings to our clients.


Procurement Services:

  • Optimal product pairings
  • Access to proprietary supplier offerings
  • Customized risk management solutions
  • Budget management & performance reporting
  • Market intelligence


We are a leader in the renewable energy advisory space. Originally specializing in utility scale solar procurement for large corporations, our firm has grown to include flexible renewable offerings to help clients of every industry and profile.

Using a client-first approach, we view the renewables industry from a traditionalist risk management and procurement perspective. We stick with foundational utility pricing principals to breathe new financial structures into the renewables industry – aiding our clients and partners to bring together win-win offerings for retail energy providers, developers, originators, and investors.

Renewable Services


Renewable Product Sourcing and Structuring

Founded with a specialty in these green procurement strategies, Novo identifies and understands our clients’ sustainability objectives and ESG principals, sources projects that align to a client’s need for: carbon neutrality, additionality, 100% renewable energy, green hedges, renewable energy credits, and more.

Turneky Renewables

Turnkey Renewables Development

We utilize our contractor relationships to offer engineering, procurement, and construction services. Dating back to the early 2000s, our development partners have deep roots in the early days of the solar industry. We utilize these experiences to deliver best-in-class solutions, prioritizing to-the-minute project schedules, capital advisory, and safety.

Owner’s Representative Services

A new offering in the space, we appreciate working with clients that want to invest and make their own development decisions. NES will stand in partnership with the owner to direct the project, running RFPs and solicitations for e-services and material.

Efficiency and Demand Response

Energy cost reduction comes in all forms. Using ourconsumer driven data approach, we advise clients on efficiency retrofit and demand response solutions that are best fit for their business. Understanding your operations and unique energy usage profile, our consultants will recommend product structures to unlock additional savings for your business.

Efficiency Services:

  • Lighting and controls retrofits
  • Mechanical systems
  • Building automation systems
  • Refrigeration and thermal storage
  • EaaS (Energy-as-a-Service) financing offerings

Demand Response Services:

  • Advanced Optimization
  • Peak Reduction
  • Generation Asset Backed Response

Energy Technology Ventures

Our leadership team has extensive experience working with software firms that are changing the way consumers, entire cities, and utilities think about energy. We work with our software partners to drive innovation, aiding our clients by adding value in budgeting and reporting, tariff pricing and validations, asset generation and demand response.

Our Team

Novo was built people-first. The foundation of our company is established on long-time relationships between friends, industry competitors, and co-workers.

John P. Maguire
Chairman, Novo Group
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Michael B. Giery
General Counsel and Director of Operations
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Beth Bibby
Senior Consultant
Miriam Cohen
Senior Consultant
Nick Lacasse
Analyst, Pricing and Renewables
Hillary Somers
Senior Consultant
Richard Wurtzburger
Senior Sales Consultant
Frank Vuono
Senior Sales Consultant
Angela Souder
National Account Manager
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Procurement Partners

NES partners with North America's top energy suppliers. These suppliers are filled with talented professionals who work hand-in-hand with Novo to bring our clients their most personalized and cost-effective solution.

Our focus is to bring our clients a holistic understanding of each supplier's sophisticated energy offerings.